Showcase of Website Designs

showcase of website designs by advance your listing BACKENDSEO.COM was created to showcase website designs  created by Cory George of Advance Your Listing.  We plan to use this blog to showcase websites and give you samples of WordPress Themes.  Hope you like some of the ideas we came up with.  There are several great Word Press Themes that we can recommend.  Word Press is great for blogging.

We have used this theme for our small businesses, such as electrician, handyman business, carpet cleaners, most small companies who do not need too many pages.  We used it for blogging mostly, however, we have used it for advertising websites for sale.

Showcasing websites is our favorite way of getting more traffic for your clients.  Many times we use bright colors for our websites showcased.  Our main goal is getting traffic.  With the new Google Algorithms we website designers are forced to get more creative.  Driving quality traffic to websites is getting more interesting.  No more spammy back links,  only good quality back links are the goal today.

The SEO program we are using for this theme is Yoast, a WordPress Plugin.  The Yoast add on is the best in the industry for WordPress.  We like using All In One SEO too!

If you are looking for a website designer, be sure to visit our other sites or contact Cory George on the Contact Page.  We can give you a custom quote, rates are very reasonable.

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