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Website Design Murrieta CA – Backend SEO is a complete evaluation of your website for errors and corrections that can help you achieve your desired placement on Google. Backend SEO has helped thousands of websites. Evaluated and improved by Cory George of Advance Your Listing.

Perhaps you have some website errors and missing pages. We can help you determine what it will take to get to the next level. You need to be seen on page one of Google. You need security features in your website too. We can install them and make your website more secure. This website was created by Advance Your Listing, an SEO agency located in Murrieta, California.  We offer website audits, keyword research, web page optimization, link building, social media pages and monthly edits.  Reports on your search engine ranking, regular website submission to search engines and directories.  We can help you determine if you need a website re-do or if you need a new website design.  Be sure to click the photos below and see the different options of this Word Press Themes.

Backend Seo was created by Advance Your Listing, Cory George Website Designer.  This site is for promoting and showcasing some of our WordPress Themes we have used for websites.


If you are needing a new website, or if you have a website that needs to be tested for corrections.  We can provide you with complete reports of errors to fix. If you need to find a way to speed up your site.  We have ways of testing it for that and give you some tips for speeding it up.  If you are a novice and cannot make the corrections, we will do it for you.  Our Fees are reasonable.

We also  provide some additional services for promoting your website online.   We offer directory submission service.  Be sure to take a look at some of our website directories. 

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